Wright: Tammy Abraham Better than Batshuayi

Wright: Tammy Abraham Better than Batshuayi

Arsenal football legend, Ian Wright admitted Tammy Abraham will be a fresh breeze for Chelsea than Michy Batshuayi when Alvaro Morata absent.

He claimed because while replacing the role of Morata in last weekend’s match Michy who appeared in the game failed to score goals. The result The Blues must swallow 2-1 defeat over Crystal Palace which took place at Selhurst Park.

Even he immediately get criticism after he had to pull out, and with that note Wright rate should Antonio Conte maintain Abraham who is now on loan to Swansea City.

Because the legend of the Gunners are judging the quality has been proven when playing last season for Bristol City where by scoring 23 goals and himself more amazed by Tammy because last weekend the talented young striker was able to print two goals for the victory of the Swans when Huddersfield Town meeting that lasted in Liberty stadium.

“I must say that a few weeks ago that Batshuayi should feel very disappointed because Antnio Conte would rather put Eden Hazard there,” Ian Wright told the media.

“The problem I face with him is that he does not work as a good enough defender to get a chance inside the penalty box, that’s what he needs. He needs to make a move to get this space.

“When you see him not moving. The movement does not have enough intensity about it. There are some fantastic balls that he can fight against the Palace but he is late.

“While Tammy is able to arrange it well. That’s what I really like about her that she’s reaching the target. I hope he will get some goals today to give him confidence.

“He worked hard and showed calm for his first goal and today’s movement is a supersub. Where with that movement, I’ll play Tammy every day. “