Sergio Ramos Comment Comment Pique

Sergio Ramos Comment Comment Pique

The relationship between Gerard Pique and Sergio Ramos seems to be getting worse now.

The reason, Pique lately enough vocal to talk about his support for Catalan independence from Spain, and make the national team supporters scorned players in training msesi.

Meanwhile, Pique and Ramos themselves often experience clashes due to competition in El Clasico, but recent reports say if both are now really show hostility.

Ramos had previously seemed to criticize Pique’s message asking the Catalans to express themselves peacefully, according to a report that revealed protesters were injured by rubber bullets from local police.

“Tweet Pique is not the best thing you can do, if he does not want to get criticized,” Ramos told local media.

“Semura people are free to say opinions, although as a captain I am always worried about the atmosphere in the team and Pique knows what he is doing. Maybe this is not the right time to do it and it does not help. “He said.