PSSI Praise Maturity Fans Timnas Indonesia

PSSI Praise Maturity Fans Timnas Indonesia

PSSI praised the attitude of supporters of the Indonesian national team in providing support to Egy Maulana and his friends when facing Thailand U-19 at Mukti Wibawa Stadium, Sunday (8/10/2017).

In the game, there are 20,954 people who menyaksikkan match U-19 national team Indonesia. Remarkably, fans do not behave negatively. The Mukti Wibawa Stadium is free from firecrackers, flares, and bottle throwing.

Not only that, the audience also line up according to the tickets they have, no incidents of stampede in the stadium. The maturity of Indonesian national team supporters make PSSI amazed.

“We are grateful that the game is going well and orderly, we appreciate the care and conscious supporters in maintaining security for the common comfort and we are also grateful to the Police who work together with us to maintain security,” said Secretary General of PSSI Ratu Tisha Destria.

In addition to PSSI, Indonesian national team coach U-19, Indra Sjafri also proud of the support of citizens Cikarang. He was shocked by the enthusiasm of supporters at Mukti Wibawa Stadium.

“I am very appreciative and thank a lot of supporters, I did not expect supporters to be present this much.The full support of supporters made us appear more enthusiastic and motivated,” said Indra Sjafri.