Not So AS Roma Manager, Totti will be a Coaching Course

Not So AS Roma Manager, Totti will be a Coaching Course

Roma legend Francesco Totti looks set to return to the field in the near future. After several months as Sports Director of Rome, he will switch professions as a coach.

Launched from Calciomercato, on Friday (08/09/2017), Totti is scheduled to attend the course coach licensed UEFA B organized by the Italian Football Coaches Association (AIAC). This basic course takes place in Trigoria, Rome and the 40-year-old man is listed specifically even though the number of students in the classroom is full.

In the official AIAC website listed Totti’s name on the attendance list of World Cup champions. The status of champion with the Italian national team in 2006 then turned out to bring benefits for him when taking the coaching route.

A few months ago, Totti had demanded an important position in AS Roma. After retiring as a player, he is reluctant to take a ceremonial position with I Giallorossi and hopes to have a major impact on the club he has defended since childhood.

Career as a coach is a surprise for Totti fans. Because the husband of Ilary Blasi is admitted not bear to see a number of players are on the bench.

“One thing is for sure I will not be a coach, I do not want to fight 30 people alone, footballers are sneaky, I can be a player agent I know what the world of football is like, a bit more,” he said as quoted by L’Intervesta March 2017 ago.